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Hex-Grip Tyre Dressing Applicator

Hex-Grip Tyre Dressing Applicator

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The Hex-Grip Design was the first tyre applicator of this style which really changed how applicators were made. The more common type of tyre applicators were fairly firm rectangular ones which did an ‘ok’ job but didn’t really get into all the contours and indentations of the tyre; they also often left you with dirty hands! The CCC Tyre & Interior Dressing Applicator removes all of those issues with its ergonomic design.

The ‘hex’ shaped grab handle is designed to prevent it from easily slipping out of your hand and keep it far enough away from making contact with the tyre during the application process.

The applicator is entirely foam and the contoured foam ridges on the face have been designed to conform to every area of the tyre, even ones with deep profiles. The size allows for quick application and works especially well on low-profile tyres.

Can also be used for interior dressing, like your dashboard, door cards and trim. Apply your dressing to the face of the applicator and work away, easily getting into all those areas and curves of your interior.



  • Ergonomic design with hex-grip  
  • Washable & reusable many times
  • High quality foam
  • Saves time
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