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Welcome to The Clay Cloth Company (CCC), a British born car detailing supplier run by professional detailers. We stock a vast range of products which have been sourced through much research, trial and testing and are perfectly suited for both the professional and enthusiast. Our USP is that we provide car detailing products not usually found on UK shelves and these are more concentrated, higher performing and more durable. Fast delivery, first class customer service and helpful and friendly online support. Our goal…. “Perfection made Simple


This bundle contains some of the essential products required for a maintenance wash. Each with their own use in your detailing routine, this is where you save money by grabbing this bundle. 

You will receive the following:1 x CCC Detailing Spray 500ml
1 x CCC Citrus Pro Pre-Wash Concentrated 500ml
1 x CCC Aquamarina pH Neutral Vehicle Shampoo 500ml
1 x CCC Detailing Spray 500ml

That's 4 products for under £20! and with an RRP of £25.96, you save 30%

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Aurelia Bold Black Specialist Ultra Thick Nitrile Gloves

The Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves are extremely strong, thin disposable gloves that offer better tensile strength than most of their nitrile, vinyl and latex counterparts. While a beaded cuff prevents liquid from entering the gloves and micro-texture ensures grip.

Box of 100 - Sizes M, L, XL


KILLERWAXX Northern Lights March Deal - £24.99

KILLERWAXX Northern Lights Premium Liquid Cream Wax provides a durable surface protection to both painted and gel coat surfaces. Nano and Amino functional polymers combined with natural Hemp Seed Oils and Brazilian carnauba wax offers unmatched protection against UV rays and salt degradation.

KILLERWAXX Northern Lights Premium Liquid Cream Wax creates a glossy, mirror like finish with a long lasting protection.

Comes with a FREE KILLERWAXX Northern Lights 10 fl oz mug.

KILLERWAXX Northern Lights

Patented products made using hemp seed oil for a richer, deeper shine!

Premium Detail Spray 235ml

Premium Detail Spray 470ml

Premium Hard Paste Wax 7oz

Premium Liquid Cream Wax 235ml

Super Suds Soap 235ml

Super Suds Soap 470ml


Keep the cold at bay this winter with your very own 'KILLERWAXX' Mug. Very high quality with a large handle, this mug will look great at home, work or while you work outside or on your car. Dishwasher & microwave safe plus UV resistant.











TENZI Leather Care Royal Class

TENZI Motorplast Engine Bay Dressing

TENZI Tyre & Plastic Dressing

TENZI Tyre & Rubber Protection Kit

TENZI Car Shampoo Premium Class

TENZI Leather Conditioner Royal Class

Latest Review

"Just wanted to drop a quick review on the detailing steel wool from The Clay Cloth Company. A friend of mine use this on his car and recommended it to me. Initially I laughed and said I wouldn't use wire wool on my chrome, but as it was explained to me, it is far from normal wire wool!..... Read more

Darren Higgins

Posted on Fri 6th March 2020

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Clay products

Simple, fast, and effective method of removing bonded contaminants from the surface of exterior automotive finishes and glass. 

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Award winning, environmentally friendly and developed to provide maximum results by using some of the most powerful industrial grade ingredients and wax technologies available.

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Arguably the most important piece of kit in your detailing arsenal, check out our selection of cloths and towels. From heavy duty to edgeless and ultra plush coral fleece.

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An acknowledged and well established manufacturer of professional cleaning products. Hugely popular in Europe and now available in the UK.