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The Clay Cloth Company (CCC) provides products not usually found on UK shelves, but sourced from around the World through much research, trial and testing. With the Clay Cloth and Clay Mitt at the core of our company, we provide an extensive range of products for the detailing enthusiast and professional. We hope you discover "Perfection made Simple"

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Clay products

Simple, fast, and effective method of removing bonded contaminants from the surface of exterior automotive finishes and glass. 

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Award winning, environmentally friendly and developed to provide maximum results by using some of the most powerful industrial grade ingredients and wax technologies available.

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Arguably the most important piece of kit in your detailing arsenal, check out our selection of cloths and towels. From heavy duty to edgeless and ultra plush coral fleece.

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An acknowledged and well established manufacturer of professional cleaning products. Hugely popular in Europe and now available in the UK.

Featured Product

Don't own a Snow Foam Lance? then this is your answer!

Harmless product, designed for cleaning heavily soiled vehicles. Immediately gets to work on mud, insect remains and oily contaminations, making it very easy to pressure wash or even hand clean. Suitable on all surfaces found on vehicles. 

TENZI Mud Off 1ltr - £11.99

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TENZI Cabrio/Fabric Protection Demo 2

TENZI Cabrio/Fabric Protection Customer Test

Latest Review

"TENZI Mud Off! Where do I start with this one?

Over the years I've used all the different products that fall into this category, and this one is nothing like any of them. It stands head and shoulders above them all. This one works and works well, spray on, leave, then rinse off. But the big plus is how gentle it is, even on unfinished aluminium that many products like this can tarnish, it's safe to use on everything. Either on bikes or cars, where you have heavy soiling this is a one stop solution. Teamed with TENZI insect remover, cleaning my bike has never been so easy, and normally I hate doing it but now it's a joy. 110% love this stuff!
I'm thinking it would also make a good engine bay cleaner"

Mark Mundy

Posted on Tues 9 July 2019

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