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Welcome to The Clay Cloth Company (CCC), a British born car detailing supplier run by professional detailers. We stock a vast range of products which have been sourced through much research, trial and testing and are perfectly suited for both the professional and enthusiast. Our USP is that we provide car detailing products not usually found on UK shelves and these are more concentrated, higher performing and more durable. Fast delivery, first class customer service and helpful and friendly online support. Our goal…. “Perfection made Simple”


Our NEW 'Jaffa' Microfibre PREMIUM Plush Drying Towel 800GSM 40cm x 60cm comes in at an EARLY BIRD DEAL of JUST £4.99.

This orange towel is a premium weave which can absorb over a gallon of water with ease, allowing for a large car to be dried without ringing out! 

Soft silk edging ensures a scratch free finish and its 70/30 blend of premium Polyester/Polyamide allows for streak free drying. 

Simply put, it's one of the plushest and most softness towel available

KILLERWAXX Foam and Detail Under a Tenner!! Save £8.00!

  • KILLERWAXX Snow Foam for pre-cleaning
  • Patented product
  • KILLERWAXX Premium Detail Spray for finishing off


Double Sided Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt [Various Colours] £3.50!

  • Microfibre noodle wash mitt
  • Larger size 26cm x 21cm made to original spec
  • Lots of soft absorbent noodles so holds loads of water
  • Lifts off dirt with ease and gets into awkward places
  • Available in 3 colours


Chenille Red & White Wash Mitt - £6.50!

  • Size 29cm x 19cm
  • Super-soft microfibre mitt
  • Split varied length polyester strands for optimum contaminant release
  • Thick foam core soaks up shampoo suds for maximum wash potential
  • Helps prevent swirl marks and scratches due to softness yet very durable


'Big Macaw' Microfibre Drying Towel 400GSM 50cm x 80cm - JUST £5.99

  • Size: 50cm x 80cm
  • Colour: Blue one side, Yellow other side / Black Edging
  • Weight: 400gsm
  • Contains: 70% Polyester 30% Polyamide, Ultra fine Microfibre


Microfibre Drying Towels

Soft, high quality and luxurious... some of the words our customers use to describe our towels! When it comes to drying your vehicles, there is no quicker and safer way than to use these super absorbent towels. Easily dry a medium family car without even wringing out.

Soft silk edging ensures a scratch free finish and its 70/30 blend of premium Polyester/Polyamide allows for streak free drying

Edgeless Microfibre Cloths

High durability, super soft and a selection of many colours. These cloths are precision cut using ultrasonic technology which offers reduced contamination of the microfibre over traditional mechanical cutting techniques.

From hard wearing cloths for engine compartments, door shuts and general use, to the finest coral fleece for the most delicate of work on paintwork.

Machine washable, lint and streak free, all bases are covered.

Buffing and Glass Cloths/Towels

Medium sized buffing towels are a perfect addition and help out in many areas of the drying process where a big towel is more challenging.

The PREMIUM Aqua Coral Fleece is the size of a standard cloth, but with the drying power of our large towels, combining outstanding absorption with a very useful size. 

Tight weave glass cloths absorb 8 times their own weight in water and are perfect for your glass.

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Clay products

Simple, fast, and effective method of removing bonded contaminants from the surface of exterior automotive finishes and glass. 

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Award winning, environmentally friendly and developed to provide maximum results by using some of the most powerful industrial grade ingredients and wax technologies available.

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Arguably the most important piece of kit in your detailing arsenal, check out our selection of cloths and towels. From heavy duty to edgeless and ultra plush coral fleece.

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An acknowledged and well established manufacturer of professional cleaning products. Hugely popular in Europe and now available in the UK.

Latest Review

"Brilliant products and customer care. All products are delivered quickly and well packaged, there all easy to use and give the best results for a good price. I only use the ccc products on my cars now and will not cha ge after using big brands and cheap ones ccc is better than them all !!"

Dan Hastings

Posted on Fri 23 Aug 2019

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