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Welcome to The Clay Cloth Company (CCC), a British born car detailing supplier run by professional detailers. We stock a vast range of products which have been sourced through much research, trial and testing and are perfectly suited for both the professional and enthusiast. Our USP is that we provide car detailing products not usually found on UK shelves and these are more concentrated, higher performing and more durable. Fast delivery, first class customer service and helpful and friendly online support. Our motto…. “Perfection made Simple

CCC Tyre & Interior Dressing Applicator Set - Hex-Grip Design

The Hex-Grip Design was the first tyre applicator of this style which really changed how applicators were made. 


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Ergonomic design with hex-grip


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Two applicators per pack


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Large area covered in one sweep


Odour Control Fogger - Various Fragrances

For complete odour elimination. DESTROYS odours, not simply mask them! a true odour oxidising agent. Use it to combat smoke, mustiness, and other annoying odours you find in your vehicle, home or office, regardless of its source. Directions on can for both total release and spot use. You dont need to use a full can in one car as it will treat many cars or a space of 6000 cubic feet.

Choice of 4 fragrances:

  • Mountain Air Scent
  • Bold Scent
  • Original Scent
  • New Car Scent


CCC Synthetic Boar Hair Car Detailing Brush Set 3 Pcs

Looking for scratch-free detailing brushes? 

Many detailers consider boar hair as the finest for detailing because they clean without scratching. They are firm enough to remove dirt and grime but soft enough to not leave scratches or swirls on your wheels or paint, leaving your car looking its best.

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Premium synthetic boar hair bristle brushes


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Manufactured to minimise shedding


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3 Pcs kit containing the most popular size brushes


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Microfibre Noodle Wash Glove (Green and Black)

The noodle wash glove is made from super soft microfibre that will not scratch paintwork during use. The glove design allows you to grip alloy wheel spokes and clean with ease compared to using traditional wash mitts and sponges.

With loads of soft absorbent noodles, the microfibre wash glove can hold loads of water and lifts off dirt with ease. The wash glove will help you get into tight, awkward spaces with ease and is very easy to use.

  • Super soft and fine microfibre noodles trap, lift and removes dirt and grime using just a little water.
  • Additional scrubbing mesh for tough pieces of dirt, bugs and contamination.
  • Safe for all types of bodywork and alloy wheel finishes, wet or dry.
  • Machine washable at 40°c.
  • One glove supplied only.


Microfibre PREMIUM Panther Coral Fleece Finishing Cloth 820GSM 40cm x 40cm

*NEW* cloth now on sale with 20% of sale price being donated to 'Against Breast Cancer' Charity... via 'Work for Good'.

Against Breast Cancer funds groundbreaking cancer research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. The focus of their research is preventing secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths. Read more here.

Against Breast Cancer receives no government funding and they rely on the generosity of people just like you to fund their life saving research.
Registered charity no. 1121258 


About the cloth

Our newest PREMIUM Panther Coral Fleece 820 is a supremely soft, high quality and luxurious cloth. Weighing in at a huge 820gsm and a size of 40cm x 40cm the premium coral fleece weave will not only serve as an outstanding product to remove detailer/polish/wax etc off your paintwork, leaving a truly amazing finish, but it will also serve as a very neat drying cloth. Due to its 820gsm makeup, this cloth will absorb up to 7 times its own weight, making this a cost saving, size saving edition to your detailing equipment. 

Soft silk edging ensures a scratch free finish and its 70/30 blend of premium Polyester/Polyamide allows for streak free buffing and drying. 

Simply put, it's one of the plushest and most softness cloths available.

"The NEW kid on the block" is here! Graphene is the name for an atom-thick honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms - Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber - tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminium. It's the worlds strongest material and now it's being used in detailing products!  Graphene is a form of carbon, which is known to be very durable and strong under the right circumstances and superversatile material that will revolutionise not only detailing products, but the World!

XXX SiO2/Graphene Car Shampoo  adds a protective layer during each washing process and works instantly cleaning and protecting.
Read more here...
XXX SiO2/Graphene Coating Spray has phenomenal water-beading abilities and adds great depth to your paintwork leaving it extremely glossy! Read more here...

'Big Panther' Twist 600GSM Microfibre Twisted Loop Drying Towel 80cm x 60cm

CCC will be selling this microfibre towel from 1st April 2021 for £10.00. For every towel sold, 20% will be donated to 'Against Breast Cancer' Charity... via 'Work for Good'.

Against Breast Cancer funds groundbreaking cancer research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. The focus of their research is preventing secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths. Read more here.

Against Breast Cancer receives no government funding and they rely on the generosity of people just like you to fund their life saving research.
Registered charity no. 1121258 


About the towel

Our 'Big Panther' Twist 600GSM Microfibre Twisted Loop Drying Towel 80cm x 60cm gets its name from its association in colour to The Pink Panther. Like our 'Big Grey' Twist, it features 'twisted loop' fibre technology. With its unique design, the fibres are bundled in a very compact twisted orientation. This construction greatly increases the surface area allowing for higher absorbency and faster drying, whilst creating less friction when wiping. Drying time is drastically reduced and with its lightweight makeup, very little effort is required. 

Due to the microfibre makeup, these are best used using the "drag drying" method as opposed to deeper pile towels which benefit from the "pat drying" method. These towels will easily dry a panel in one pass, leaving no streaks behind. 

When you first feel a twisted loop microfibre, you'll notice it is different to any other microfibre that you're probably used to! This is due to the way the fibres are twisted but we assure you, its extremely efficient and is why these are taking the detailing world by storm! 

Another benefit of twisted loop technology when compared to conventional microfibre is their saturated performance. Where other microfibres tail off on absorption performance when completely saturated, twisted loop allows you to go that bit further during the saturation phase before finally conceding and having to be wrung out. When compared to heavy plush, high GSM towels, weight for weight, pile for pile, this is unbeatable and you will be able to dry two vehicles in one session with this towel.

*NEW!! CCC 1/4" Quick Release Pressure Washer Extension Wands 3pc

Pressure washer extension wands are designed to assist you in reaching areas which are hard to reach ordinarily, such us:

  • Underneath a vehicle, wheel arches, sills, chassis
  • Roof sections of vehicles (especially 4x4s, SUVs, pick-ups, commercial vehicles)
  • Guttering, conservatories, shed roofing etc
  • Second story windows

By using these extension wands, you are able to clean safely by remaining stood on the ground and thus eliminating the risk of falling from height. A popular product for cleaning second storey windows and surfaces as well as guttering which often blocks from moss and leaves, facilitating the use of the angled wand especially well. 

The extension wands are constructed from stainless steel and brass and connect using the ultra fast 'quick connect' system. This is beneficial over many of the 'threaded' type wands on the market which require unscrewing and screwing back together each time you want to adjust the configuration, as well as the risk of threading the connection and damaging the O-Ring resulting in leaks.

Compatable with all 1/4" connections such as our CCC 1/4" Quick Release Short Trigger Gun and CCC 1/4" Quick Connect Snow Foam Lance Wide Mouth, this is the ideal product to add to your detailing kit to assist you in speady and efficient maintenance.

If you have our Short Trigger Gun, then you can use the various nozzles which come with it to obtain the desired spray pattern. Additionally, other quick connect adapters will fit that may have come with your pressure washer. 

Our quality and robust quick release short trigger gun is designed to fit both the Karcher K-Series and Nilfisk pressure washers with the 'quick connect' type hoses. The compact quick release system on the end of the short gun makes changing between attachments quick & easy. 

In this kit comes quick release nozzles of varying spray angles and these simply push into the end of the short gun. Additionally, our quick release snow foam lance is compatible with this.

These quick release nozzles are made of high quality stainless steel, tough and durable (Black nozzle is made from brass). Each nozzle provides a different angle of spray to suit your needs, whether you are using this for car cleaning, gardening, cleaning patios etc

CCC Snow Storm

CCC Snow Storm is a Premium Snow Foam which is safe on all surfaces and finishes and will not strip waxes or protective coatings. Superb value for money, the pH Neutral Snow Foam is designed to clean and protect and remove dirt prior to shampooing. Can be used through a pump sprayer (low foam) or via a foam lance (high foam) Used with a dedicated foam lance, CCC Snow Storm is a safe way to remove dirt and debris from your paint's surface. Available in 3 sizes (500ml, 1ltr or 5ltr)

Our latest design snow foam lance offers a very high level of foaming, a wide base to significantly reduce the chance of it falling over and a wide mouth to make filling alot easier! Additionally, our snow foam lance features a 'Hi-Flow Breather Valve' which is embedded into the cap. This breather valve works by maintaining the perfect balance of air pressure whilst the snow foam solution is drawn out and into the high pressure water stream, which in turn reduces vacuum pressure allowing for a more efficient stream of snow foam.

Combined with its high quality Italian brass construction, robust plastics and stainless steel injector, its durability and ease of use is certainly the most important key factors of the product.

Large handled Mugs

As it starts to get colder, we find ourselves swapping our cold drinks for hot ones, so why not have your favourite brew in one of our mugs!


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KILLERWAXX Northern Lights Mug


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KILLERWAXX Mug (Various colours)


Was £7.99 - NOW £3.99!

Kootie Killer CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer from KILLERWAXX contains 80% alcohol and 100mg total of CBD, so its a light dose to soothe the pain and inflammation often associated with hands after using alcohol based hand sanitisers. Additionally, it has a lotion added so it doesn’t dry your hands out plus essential oils to give you an amazing germ killing solution!

Available in non scented and apple scented.

*CCC do not profit from this product

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