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January’s Deal – ‘Let’s Beat Cancer’

'Big Panther' Towel 600GSM & PREMIUM Panther Coral Fleece 820GSM down to Just £9.99! For every sale, 20% will be donated to 'Against Breast Cancer' Charity 

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'Big Black' Plush 600GSM TRIPLE Microfibre Drying Towel Deal

SAVE on these XL 90cm x 60cm (36" x 25") super absorbent high quality microfibre drying towels when you buy 3...


In this package deal, we have a 3 main accessories and 3 add-ons. Go through the drop-down boxes and select which options you want to make your bespoke package deal. Choose from:

  • CCC 1/4" Quick Connect Snow Foam Lance Wide Mouth
  • CCC 1/4" Quick Release Short Trigger Gun with 5 Piece Nozzle Set
  • CCC 1/4" Quick Release Pressure Washer Extension Wands 3pc
  • CCC 1/4" Quick Connect High Pressure Coupling (Nilfisk)
  • CCC 1/4" Quick Connect High Pressure Coupling (Karcher)
  • CCC Snow Storm 1ltr

KILLERWAXX XXX SiO2/Graphene Ceramic Shampoo & Coating Spray Kit 235ml


CCC Microfibre Bundle

High quality microfibres for many uses for interior and exterior


CCC Wheels & Tyres Kit

3 products to help clean your wheels and to dress your tyres


Triple Coral Fleece Edgeless Collection

JUST £2.50 a cloth!


Korean 'Mammoth Twist' towels feature 'twisted loop' fibre technology on both sides of the drying towel. Hand made to an extremely high quality, this edgeless design is rarely seen on drying towels and this feature alone allows for a safer drying process without fear of streaks or smears.

Available in 3 striking colours, all 1200GSM, Premium 70% / Polyester 30% Polyamide and absorbing over 2.0 kg of water! Read more...

Was £7.99 - NOW £3.99!

Kootie Killer CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer from KILLERWAXX contains 80% alcohol and 100mg total of CBD, so its a light dose to soothe the pain and inflammation often associated with hands after using alcohol based hand sanitisers. Additionally, it has a lotion added so it doesn’t dry your hands out plus essential oils to give you an amazing germ killing solution!

Available in non scented and apple scented.

*CCC do not profit from this product

CCC 1Ltr Range of Essentials


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