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Welcome to The Clay Cloth Company (CCC), a British born car detailing supplier run by professional detailers. We stock a vast range of products which have been sourced through much research, trial and testing and are perfectly suited for both the professional and enthusiast. Our USP is that we provide car detailing products not usually found on UK shelves and these are more concentrated, higher performing and more durable. Fast delivery, first class customer service and helpful and friendly online support. Our motto…. “Perfection made Simple

CCC 1Ltr Range of Essentials


TENZI Alux GT is a concentrated, anticorrosive product, designed for the effective and quick removal of contamination from alloy and stainless wheels.

Working differently to products like CCC Devil's Mist, TENZI Bleeding Rim and Killerwaxx Bloody M8 which concentrate on removing iron oxide particles, this is a heavy duty, but safe wheel cleaner. Cleans and brightens alloy wheels without the need for excessive scrubbing.

This product is pH 1.

Using acid on your alloy wheels is safe, as long as you are aware that this product is a strong acid wheel cleaner. This is a professional strength product and dilution is recommended before use (see listing for dilution rates)

Application area:
– Alloy and stainless wheels
– Chromed exhaust pipes

Was £7.99 - NOW £3.99!

Kootie Killer CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer from KILLERWAXX contains 80% alcohol and 100mg total of CBD, so its a light dose to soothe the pain and inflammation often associated with hands after using alcohol based hand sanitisers. Additionally, it has a lotion added so it doesn’t dry your hands out plus essential oils to give you an amazing germ killing solution!

Available in non scented and apple scented.

*CCC do not profit from this product

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