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CCC Citrus Pro Pre-Wash Concentrate

CCC Citrus Pro Pre-Wash Concentrate

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A highly concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on all surfaces. Its citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans in one application to effectively removes flies, traffic film and general dirt from vehicle bodyworks and engines.

Citrus pre-wash is a product to be used prior to shampooing your car with the most common method of applying being a Snow Foam Lance. You can easily spray lower areas of the vehicle, wheels and arches where it penetrates the grime and enables you to easily rinse it off.

Mildly alkaline pH value of 9.5 in order to penetrate and degrease.

This product can be used neat or the following dilutions:

1:1 for heavy soiling and degreasing
4:1 for medium soiling
Up to 8:1 for regular cleaning and light soiling

Allow to dwell for 10-15 minutes.

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