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TENZI IPA Cleaner pH Neutral

TENZI IPA Cleaner pH Neutral

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TENZI IPA has a < 20% alcohol content with the remainder being made up of distilled water. Using a 99% alcohol content on paintwork is a too strong a solution of IPA can stain and even soften some clear coat paints, which is why this is pre-diluted and ready to use safely.

If you want to chemically strip paint to remove any compound or polish residues so that you can accurately see the true condition of the paint after any correction steps, then this 20% dilution of IPA to water solution is perfect


A specialist cleaner for vehicles for wiping down waxed and painted surfaces in order to clean. Excellent for cleaning glass, lenses and virtually any surface. Will remove light grease, polishes, glazes and waxes plus oils, dirt etc. Due to fast evaporation, it leaves the surface streak free and very clean.

Can be used as a deodoriser for vehicle interiors as well as footwear to eliminate odours. Excellent at removing ink stains, de-icing locks and windscreens


1. Spray directly onto surface or onto a microfibre cloth.
2. Polish the surface until it’s dry.

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