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TENZI Diamond Gloss Quartz Spray

TENZI Diamond Gloss Quartz Spray

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Car body protection

Innovative product based on vehicle body protection nanotechnology. The unique formula of this product are particles of liquid quartz, providing long-lasting protection and gloss to the vehicles paintwork which enhances its colour and depth. It protects paintwork from the daily elements that cause your paintwork to fade, oxidate, acid attacks (bird droppings), atmospheric conditions, UV rays, salt spray etc.

This product provides super hydrophobic effect on the vehicles bodywork and windows. It may be used on either dry and wet paintwork and is very easy in use.

What is liquid quartz?

Put simply, it’s Glass that’s suspended in liquid form at a molecular level. In order to keep this glass in liquid form it needs to be carried in either water or ethanol.

Where does it come from?

Liquid Glass, in the scientific world is better known as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). SiO2 is a chemical found mainly in quartz and sand.

What are its benefits?

First, we have to look at the top coat of your paint, the lacquer and understand why we need to protect it. Lacquer is extremely susceptible to its environmental effects, and its durability and shine gets destroyed over time and causes corrosion. Liquid glass penetrates into the top layer of the lacquer and changes its structure on a molecular level. This is used in many detailing products to produce a super hydrophobic layer to your paintwork.

Liquid glass/quartz increases durability and strength of the lacquer. Moreover, ceramic infused products create an additional protective layer for your paintwork making it stronger and prettier with increased shine and depth of colour.

TENZI Diamond Gloss Quartz Spray is fortified with SiO2. By depositing a very slick layer of SiO2-rich polymers, it will enhance surface gloss, protect paintwork from the daily elements that cause fading, oxidisation, acid erosion (bird droppings), atmospheric conditions, UV rays, salt spray etc and provide hydrophobicity. The latter is instantly noticeable with a dramatic improvement in water beading, and in the long term, it’s self cleaning properties actively repel rainfall and road spray and thus, road grime and dirt is better carried away; routine maintenance subsequently is much easier and quicker and you should notice your intervals between washes extended.

1. SHAKE WELL to mix the SiO2 content
2. Product must be applied on a clean, contamination free, wax free surface to avoid any stains or streaks and correct bonding. 
3. Spray product on a panel at a time and work into paintwork with a clean and dry microfibre cloth until you reach the desired effect.
4. Lightly buff with a seperate microfibre to really bring the shine up. *Best to remove before it fully dries. 


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