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TENZI Clay Spray

TENZI Clay Spray

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A high-lubricity lubricant designed to increase lubricity and reduce friction. TENZI Clay Spray provides a non-stick surface for the use of clay products. Your clay product easily and gently glides across the surface removing embedded contaminants, water spots, bugs, over-spray, tar which has been left on paintwork and glass surfaces. 


1. Ensure your vehicle has been thoroughly washed.

2. Apply Clay Spray liberally to a small section at a time, approx 30x30cm

3. Take your clay product (clay cloth, clay mitt) and gently glide it across the paintwork or glass surface in backwards and forward motions ensuring the surface and clay product is kept well lubricated at all times to prevent marring. 

4. Rinse clay product in clean water and repeat the process until the surface is smooth and thus contamination free.

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