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TENZI Carnauba 66, Liquid Hard Coat Wax

TENZI Carnauba 66, Liquid Hard Coat Wax

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Carnauba 66 – Natural Protecting Hard Coat

Professional carnauba wax with 66% of original & natural carnauba.
Carnauba 66 contains the greatest amount of carnauba among Tenzi products.
It provides enhanced color and unique scratch-filling formula.
Recommended as base coating layer applied before Carnauba Care or Carnauba Shine.
Average durability: 8 – 12 months

How to apply the product:
1. Degrease the surface with IPA Cleaner before wax application.
2. Shake the bottle well before using.
3. Apply the wax with a rotary machine to the whole surface.
4. Leave to dry for approx. 1-3 hours.
5. Buff with microfibre towel to a high gloss.
6. Hardening time: 3-10 hours

It is good to know that:
1. Carnauba wax protects best when it has enough time for drying. Therefore you should first spread the product on the whole car, then wait, and then start buffing.
2. Don’t stop buffing right after the streaks disappear. More buffing will give extra gloss.
3. Apply the next layer after approx. 1-2 hours of hardening after buffing.
4. For top finish use Carnauba Care or Carnauba Shine.

What you need to know:
1. Apply indoors if possible.
2. Make sure the surface is dry, clean, and cool.
3. Do not apply thick layers for it will make buffing very hard.

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