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Snow Foam Lance, Quick Release 1/4in

Snow Foam Lance, Quick Release 1/4in

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Our latest design snow foam lance offers a very high level of foaming, a wide base to significantly reduce the chance of it falling over and a wide mouth to make filling alot easier! Additionally, our snow foam lance features a 'Hi-Flow Breather Valve' which is embedded into the cap. This breather valve works by maintaining the perfect balance of air pressure whilst the snow foam solution is drawn out and into the high pressure water stream, which in turn reduces vacuum pressure allowing for a more efficient stream of snow foam.

Combined with its high quality Italian brass construction, robust plastics and stainless steel injector, its durability and ease of use is certainly the most important key factors of the product.

*Many of the cheap example snow foam lances use plastic components that simply shatter under pressure. The best options are those that use stainless steel or brass components for maximum durability.

Its quick release system allows the user to easily remove it from the pressure washer allowing an other quick release tool to quickly be added, saving time and effort.

The benefits of snow foaming are excellent and really do reduce the risk of creating swirl marks, marring and fine scratches by removing excess debris before you make contact with your wash mitt and shampoo, the time where these unsightly marks can be produced! 

The adjustable foaming nozzle is made of heavy-duty plastic and the bottle is made from chemically resistant, high density polyethylene (HDPE) with transluscent markings for easy measuring. With a 1ltr capacity and an with extra wide base, this bottle is very stable compared to the more conventional slimline bottles! 
The stainless steel injector head offers highly flexible dilution rate adjustability via a large top mounted control dial with directions engraved. This allows you to fine tune the consistency and thickness of the foam with a turn clockwise producing thicker foam and anti clockwise a thinner foam. 
The 1/4" quick release connection fitting allows easy interchange between the our Snow Foam Lance and other pressure washing tools which adopt the 'quick release' method.
*Note - The 1/4" quick release connection fitting can be removed should you wish to use alternative fittings / adapters.
Features of the Lance:
  • Max Pressure: ≤130 Bar
  • Power: ≤ 1500w (1.5kw)
  • Flow Rate: ≤7L/min
  • Max Temp: 60°C
  • The 1/4" quick release connection fitting
  • Adjustable Chemical Dial with + & - Directions
  • 1 litre bottle with level markings
  • Variable Spray Nozzle - from a wide to a pencil jet spray
  • Solid Brass Manifold construction with strong plastic nozzle
  • Use the desired measurement of snow foam as directed with the product and top up with with warm water.
  • For a stronger mix, turn the top dial as far towards the – sign as it will go and then a tiny bit towards the + sign (just so it’s not on full lock) This provides a less water and more foam mix. 
  • Shake the bottle lightly to mix solution.
  • Do not let the snow foam dry out on the car bodywork
  • Avoid putting the pressure jet too close to the paintwork – about 1 metre should be fine
  • Rinse out your snow foam lance by running through with clean water if you are not using it again for a while. This avoids any blocking of the nozzle or pipe work from dried soap and means you are ready to go next time!

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