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Microfibre Drying Towel 550GSM

Microfibre Drying Towel 550GSM

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Our Korean 'Big Grey' Twist features 'twisted loop' fibre technology. With its unique design, the fibres are bundled in a very compact twisted orientation. Each strand is approx 10mm long, then folded and twisted. When compared to a traditional microfibre strand of approx 3-4mm (not folded or twisted) this construction greatly increases the surface area allowing for higher absorbency and faster drying, whilst creating less friction when wiping. Drying time is drastically reduced and with its lightweight makeup, very little effort is required. 

Due to the microfibre makeup, these are best used using the "drag drying" method as opposed to deeper pile towels which benefit from the "pat drying" method. These towels will easily dry a panel in one pass, leaving no streaks behind. 

When you first feel a twisted loop microfibre, you'll notice it is different to any other microfibre that you're probably used to! This is due to the way the fibres are twisted but we assure you, its extremely efficient and is why these are taking the detailing world by storm! 

Another benefit of twisted loop technology when compared to conventional microfibre is their saturated performance. Where other microfibres tail off on absorption performance when completely saturated, twisted loop allows you to go that bit further during the saturation phase before finally conceding and having to be wrung out. When compared to heavy plush, high GSM towels, weight for weight, pile for pile, this is unbeatable and you will be able to dry two vehicles in one session with this towel.

This single layer twisted microfibre towel has pile on just one side and a lovely soft mesh on the other. 

*Always use pile down.


  • Size: 60cm x 90cm (approx 35" x 24")
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: 550gsm
  • Contains: 100% Korean Split Microfibre (twisted loop weave)
  • Premium 70% Polyester 30% Polyamide, Ultra fine Microfibre, 0.13 Denier.
  • Absorbs over 3ltrs of water
  • Much faster drying than conventional microfibre
  • Lint free/scratch free with no streaks
  • Premium soft red banded edge for scratch free use
  • Fully machine washable at 40c (without fabric conditioner)

*Top tip - "Start with the towel slightly damp (water or quick detailer) to maximise effectiveness and eeduce 'dry drag'"


NEVER use fabric softener or bleach when washing coral fleece or any other microfibre cloth. It will make the furry fibres stick together and it will reduce its performance. Wash with a mild liquid detergent at approx 40°c and do not use tablets – some tablets do not dissolve fully at these temperature and can get clogged in the fibres. 

*DO NOT TUMBLE DRY - this can cause the tight twisted weave to unravel if done persistently.

No bleach, no fabric softener, no heat!

We recommend you wash you microfibre prior to use.

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