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Microfibre Drying Towel 600gsm

Microfibre Drying Towel 600gsm

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Our Korean 'Big Panther' Twist gets its name from its association in colour to The Pink Panther. Like our 'Big Grey' Twist, it features 'twisted loop' fibre technology. With its unique design, the fibres are bundled in a very compact twisted orientation. This construction greatly increases the surface area allowing for higher absorbency and faster drying, whilst creating less friction when wiping. Drying time is drastically reduced and with its lightweight makeup, very little effort is required. 

Due to the microfibre makeup, these are best used using the "drag drying" method as opposed to deeper pile towels which benefit from the "pat drying" method. These towels will easily dry a panel in one pass, leaving no streaks behind. 

When you first feel a twisted loop microfibre, you'll notice it is different to any other microfibre that you're probably used to! This is due to the way the fibres are twisted but we assure you, its extremely efficient and is why these are taking the detailing world by storm! 

Another benefit of twisted loop technology when compared to conventional microfibre is their saturated performance. Where other microfibres tail off on absorption performance when completely saturated, twisted loop allows you to go that bit further during the saturation phase before finally conceding and having to be wrung out. When compared to heavy plush, high GSM towels, weight for weight, pile for pile, this is unbeatable and you will be able to dry two vehicles in one session with this towel.

This single layer twisted microfibre towel has pile on just one side and a lovely soft mesh on the other. 

*Always use pile down.

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