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KILLERWAXX Pink Water Spot Remover

KILLERWAXX Pink Water Spot Remover

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KILLERWAXX Pink Water Spot Remover has been developed to remove hard water spots on painted surfaces and glass and has low concentrations of acids and speciality materials.

Water spots may form on painted surfaces when hard tap water is used to rinse off after washing and is then left to dry off naturally. These water spots comprise of calcium carbonate, or limescale as it is more commonly known, and other evaporative salts. If such spots are left on painted surfaces for any significant length of time, they can harden to the point where they become very difficult to remove, even by machine!

In extreme cases, such deposits can attack underlying surfaces, causing etching. Etching refers to chemical erosion of the uppermost layer of paint (more often than not a clearcoat), and is also caused by the corrosive effects of strong organic acids in bird droppings and bug remains. Such contaminants should always be removed as quickly as possible in order to lower the risk of etching occurring.


Follow directions and precautions.

  • Ensure surface is clean, cool and free from dirt.
  • Apply product to area where water spots are, working an area no larger than 1m x 1m.
  • Rub product in for 30 to 60 seconds. Do not allow product to dry.
  • Inspect area thoroughly to ensure water spots have been removed. If necessary, repeat previous step.
  • Upon completion of the water spot removal process, wash surface completely with a car shampoo to ensure all product is free from the surface. 
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