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KILLERWAXX Pineapple Express Shine

KILLERWAXX Pineapple Express Shine

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KILLERWAXX Pineapple Express Shine is a high gloss polymer finish for use on wet or dry exterior surfaces. KW Pineapple Express Shine will provide a long-lasting shine to painted surfaces with a clear coat and additionally also works great on rubber without leaving behind a chalky haze. Post use, it will look like you have spent hours waxing your vehicle! Works amazing on dark colours.

Directions - Very little is required of the Pineapple Express and the preferred method is once the vehicle has been washed, rinsed off, whilst still wet, Pineapple Express is sprayed on and then wiped off along with the remaining water with a Microfibre Towel. It leaves the most awesome, deep and long lasting shine you can imagine from just a simple spray!

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