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KILLERWAXX Love Potion No.10 Glaze

KILLERWAXX Love Potion No.10 Glaze

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KILLERWAXX Love Potion No.10 was named as the creator of KILLERWAXX had this in mind and said it would make you fall in love with your car again!

Love Potion #10  polish is designed to restore your paintwork to its optimum gloss. It is designed to remove light oxidation & surface swirls and scratches without harsh abrasives.

Its key lies with nourishing the paint with Natural Oils, Carnauba and Polymers in addition to ultra fine compounds imported from Germany to enhance its luster while offering the surface protection against the suns harmful UV Rays. Used in the same way as a glaze or very fine polish restoring that lustre and enhancing the colour.

Applied with a Flexipad Pro Applicator Pad, the polish goes on very easily and comes off just as easy without leaving any white residue!

There is no requirement to rub hard like other polishes on the market, just allow to haze over and buff off with a quality Microfibre Cloth or Microfibre XL Drying Towel for the ultimate deep glossy shine and the amazing feel of the coating it leaves!

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