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KILLERWAXX #2 Medium Cut Compound

KILLERWAXX #2 Medium Cut Compound

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Killerwaxx Medium Cut Compound #2 is an a 'no swirls' compound designed for machine use. It is recommended for removing 1500 grit or finer sand scratches (or similar-sized finish imperfections) from new or aged paint finishes. 


1. Ensure the painted surface is clean, cool and dry. 
2. Shake product well and apply a generous amount to one spot (Not ribbons or specs)
3. Using a Polish Foam Pad, place pad directly on top of compound running buffer speed at 1000 to 2200 RPM. 
4. Move slowly, avoiding and fast back and forth motions. Work to a 2-4sq/ft section at a time. Apply adequate pressure to remove scratches and speed up the process.

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