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KILLERWAXX #1 Heavy Cut Compound

KILLERWAXX #1 Heavy Cut Compound

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Killerwaxx Heavy Cut Compound #1 is an a ultra-fast cutting compound that will remove heavy surface imperfections and 1200 or finer sanding marks as well as scratches, defects, and severe swirl marks or holograms in the paint surface. This is an extra heavy cut compound.


1. Ensure the painted surface is clean, cool and dry. 
2. Shake product well and apply a generous amount to one spot (Not ribbons or specs)
3. Using a Cutting Foam Pad, place pad directly on top of compound running buffer speed at 1000 to 2200 RPM. 
4. Move slowly, avoiding and fast back and forth motions. Work to a 2-4sq/ft section at a time. Apply adequate pressure to remove scratches and speed up the process.

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