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Detailing Premium Steel Wool

Detailing Premium Steel Wool

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Clean and polish exhaust tips, wheels, chrome, glass and more with this high-quality detailing steel wool!

Detailing Steel Wool is not like your usual household wire wool you are probably familiar with when in the kitchen perhaps! It is designed and constructed specifically for automotive applications, and is very popular in the detailing scene for cleaning and polishing many automotive surfaces. It will remove rust and when paired with a metal polish, can restore tarnished metal surfaces such as exhausts, exhaust tips, aluminium and other chrome areas. Also good on glass, this will remove even the most stubborn of marks!

Detailing Steel Wool can also be used on household projects like woodwork and furniture, glass shower doors to remove stubborn water spots, brass, copper and many other things.

  • Medium to Super Fine
  • Use on glass, chrome, aluminium, exhausts & wheels
  • Removes rust, water spots, tarnishing plus more
  • 16 pads per pack
  • 240g bag
  • Fine quality assured


  • Always protect your hands and face when handling.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always test products on an inconspicuous surface for compatibility and end results.
  • If used wet, be aware it will rust if not dried thoroughly – do not reuse on delicate surfaces if rust
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