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CCC Winter Ruby Shampoo & Wax

CCC Winter Ruby Shampoo & Wax

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Winter Ruby Shampoo & Wax is an effective, thick and high-quality car shampoo that quickly removes road grime, ingrained dirt, traffic film, insect deposits and many other contaminants, leaving a brilliant protective shine and a layer of wax with every wash.

It cleans and waxes in one step and is very economical and ideal for all automotive paint finishes. 


Soft water: Add 50ml of Winter Ruby Shampoo & Wax car shampoo per 20 litres.
Hard water: Add 70ml of Winter Ruby Shampoo & Wax per 20 litres.

Apply using a wash mitt or through a pressure washer. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid washing in direct sunlight.

  • pH Neutral 
  • Silicone Free
  • Added rinse aids
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