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Who uses us?

Mike and I founded The Clay Cloth Company way back in August 2012 and since, we have grown and grown. Many of our customers are everyday people, enthusiasts and amateur detailers, but a high percentage are professionals who do valetting and detailing for a living. The following are just a few of the customers we provide products to:


Are you in the Detailing or Valeting Trade? Well if you are and own your own business, then you can register with us and start receiving benefits.

Your details will be entered onto this page and additionally our "Business Directory" page should you wish your services to be made available to customers.

Traders should apply by email to and upon acceptance, we will provide you with a response of what we can offer. (This should be done even if you are on this page)

Email Subject Line should start with TRADE ACCOUNT + [YOUR NAME] with the content containing the details of your business, website address (if you have one) and/or Facebook/Twitter URL, Location and a contact number. *Please state if you do not want to be entered onto our Business Directory.

Thank you


Lellers Car Valetting - UK's Leading Mobile Valeting Franchise

Refined Detail - Professional Car Detailer specialising in BMW & Porsche

Appleton Car Cleaning Services - Mobile valeting & detailing

King Valeting and Detailing

Tracy Leonard - Original Image Detail Study - Las Vegas

Andy Williamson - Car Care, Detailing & Valeting

Go Dent

Border Automotive

Old School Valeting

Chris Kennedy - Mint Detailing

Mark Falconer - In the Details Valeting

Nathan Wright - Clean Wright Valeting

Marc Cunningham - CleanFreak Detailing

Jason Finney - Vva Valeting & Detailing

Miles Kenneth Lance Marr - FX Detailing

Scott Dunmore - Colour Magic Valeting

Dan & Chris Harris - Lucent Detailing

Phil Severn - 7Autocare Detailing

Damien Lomas - 3D Detail

Dan Atkins - Kent Valeting & Detailing

Craig Young - Highland Valeting

Paul Flake Dudley - Bumper to Bumper Mobile Valeting Services

M and B Car Sales

Ashley Whiteside - Spotless Mobile London

Lee Pilling - Kudos Valeting

Anthony Anderson - Prestige Car Spa

Michael Watts - Reflectionz Autocare ltd

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