Snow Foam Lance Maintenance

Snow Foam Lance Service Guide

Thank you for choosing one of our Snow Foam Lances. Here is a quick guide on how to service and maintain your lance for years.


1. Firstly, secure your lance in a vice so it is stable. If you haven't got access to one, you could do it simply by holding it whilst disassembling.



 2. Use a small allen key to remove the locating pin in the black plastic part of the nozzle enclosure. Remove the black nozzle enclosure to reveal the brass parts within the lance. Unscrew the nozzle part of the lance and remove - it's very easy to tell which bit you need to remove!


4. Looking inside, you can see the wire mesh which is the bit we need to remove and clean. After removing the spray fins, use the small allen key to push the wire mesh out of its housing.

 3  4

5. Soak the wire mesh in a descaling mixture of your choice and a small amount of boiling water to encourage the process! After left to soak for 24 hours do everything in reverse to put your lance back together. 

For a video go onto YouTube and search ‘snow foam lance service’ which will bring up how to videos of dissembling your lance.

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