Detailing Sprays

Detailing Sprays

Detail Sprays and Why You Should Use Them.

You've spent hours on your car care. It's had a pre-wash, snow foam and shampoo. Then you've applied your favourite CCC and KILLERWAXX products to protect and enhance the paintwork all buffed off with premium quality microfibre towels. Stand back, congratulate yourself and admire the shine.

The next time you clean your pride and joy you not only remove the coating of dirt, grime and traffic film that is inevitable when you take it on the road but you also remove a little of the wax protection that you previously applied.

Just the act of washing and drying the paint surface will remove some of the protective wax coating. To mitigate this loss the use of wash mitts and premium grade microfibre cloths and towels will help significantly but some loss must be expected when washing and drying your car.

Detail Sprays to the Rescue.

CCC recommend that you use a detail spray after every wash. They contain Polymers and Carnauba wax and are a quick and easy way to top up your paintwork protection, remove water spots and enhance gloss and protection. They can also be used to remove light dust and finger marks and they help to make subsequent washing and drying easier and extend the time between full wax applications.

Simply spray them on and then wipe off using a premium grade clean microfibre cloth.

DETAIL SPRAYS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR WASHING YOUR CAR. They are not designed to remove dirt, grime and traffic film and using them in this way will likely result in marring of the paintwork.

Detail sprays are extremely versatile product which can also be used on paint, plastics, chrome, wheels and rubber trim and are ideal for cars, caravans, boats, bikes etc.

CCC's range of details sprays include:-

For satin, matte and flat finishes as well as vinyl wraps and graphics, many detail sprays cannot be used due to the wax content, so the specially formulated KILLERWAXX KW-7 Detail Spray should be used as it has all natural cleaners as well as UV protectants.

DETAIL SPRAYS; The quick and easy way to top up your paint protection and enhance shine in one simple process.

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