Drying aids

Drying Aids

What does a Drying Aid do? Well the clue is in the name. Put simply, a drying aid is a product that, when applied to the wet vehicle surface, will assist with the manual drying process.

How does a Drying Aid work? Drying Aids work by making the surface of the vehicle Hydrophobic. 

    "Hydrophobic - lacking affinity for water; tending to repel and not absorb water; tending not to dissolve in or mix with or be wetted by water or water fearing."

If a vehicle's surface is made hydrophobic, any water on that surface will try to run off. In consequence there is less water to be removed in the towelling off process.

Most Drying Aids are based on a water emulsion containing a hydrophobic material and a cationic surfactant blend. A cationic surfactant holds or emulsifies the hydrophobic material in the water both in the bottle and when it is applied to the wet surface. It is also there to attach the hydrophobic material to the surface of the vehicle.

What can I use as a Drying Aid? Most Quick Detail Sprays and Spray Waxes will act as Drying Aids.

What are the benefits of using a Drying Aid: 

  • Helps prevent swirl marks by lubricating your drying towel during the drying process.
  • Helps maintain a gloss finish.
  • Prevents water spots.
  • Maintains and improves beading and water shed
  • Speeds up the drying process. 

How do you use a Drying Aid?

Use a snowfoam such as CCC's Snow Storm, if necessary then wash the vehicle with a good quality vehicle shampoo such as CCC's Shampoo. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle to remove all traces of shampoo. Now, working one panel at a time and while the surfaces are still wet, spray on the Drying Aid and watch the water run off.

Dry each panel with 'Big Blue' Microfibre Drying Towel and then finally buff off to a super gloss using another dry microfibre towel. 

*For satin, matte and flat finishes as well as vinyl wraps and graphics, many detail sprays cannot be used as Drying Aids due to the wax content, so the specially formulated KILLERWAXX KW-7 Detail Spray should be used as it has all natural cleaners as well as UV protectants.

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