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Pet Hair & Fur Removal Brush

Pet Hair & Fur Removal Brush

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Now the easy way to remove pet hair and fur from your upholstery and carpets!
Our NEW Electrostatic silicone pet hair removal brush is a breeze to use. The electro-static charge created from usage has a magnetic effect that collects loose hair and small particles such as hair, lint, dust mites from your upholstery, cloths and any fabric surface in your car or home!
The brissles are high grade silicone rubber and do not deform, wear out or collapse and are very easily cleaned by simply running under warm water, something that conventional brushes suffer with!
An added benefit of this type of brush is that it does not raise dust clouds but catch dirt particles and micro-organisms like "mini magnets"
"it's simply a pleasure to use and has made cleaning my carpets in my car so much quicker from the hair our two dogs produce!"
These brushes can be antibacterial sterilized (withstands high temperatures up to 260ºC/520ºF)
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