How to prevent foggy windows

There's nothing worse than a steamed-up car if you're trying to leave in a hurry, and it can be dangerous if it happens as you're driving along. This guide should help you to clear things up and make it less likely.

Why do my windows fog up inside?

When your windows are colder than the dew point (the temperature where dew forms) inside the car, and you have enough moisture in the air in your car, that moisture will condense on the windscreen and cause it to mist up.

How do I get rid of it?

  1. Microfibre cloth - It's always a good idea to keep a cloth in your car. It's a quick fix, but it works!
  2. Air conditioning - If your car has air conditioning, turn it on! This removes the moisture from the air.
  3. Heat - Turning the heater on will help to warm the windows so they are above the dew point.
  4. Don't recirculate - While the recirculate setting on your car's heater might make it warm up more quickly, it means that the moisture stays inside the car! Turn this off to let the fresh air in and the water out.
  5. Open the window - Obviously this isn't much good if it's raining outside, but if not, opening the window a little bit can let out the moist air.

Preventing fogged up windows

  1. Shake off the water - It might sound obvious, but remember to shake any water off yourself and your umbrella if you're coming in from the rain. If you've been walking in snow, kick the snow off your boots too.
  2. Clean windows - Dust and oil that naturally builds up on your windows gives more surface area for water to cling to, so cleaning your windows can really help keep your windows from steaming up.
  3. Anti-fog coating - Using an anti-fog polish on your windows goes one step further than standard window cleaners, and is a great idea especially over the winter.
  4. Dehumidifier - An In-Car Dehumidifier will remove most of the moisture from the air, preventing you from fogging up and helping to clear the car more quickly if you do.


Hopefully now everything's a bit clearer! If you regularly have problems with fogging up when everyone else seems to be fine, it might be a good idea to check for leaks and make sure that your car isn't letting in water where it shouldn't be! Carpets could be damp or if you have dogs who regularly use your car, this may contribute to the moisture levels.