Wheel protection with durable effect

In many maintenance guides for alloy wheels a sealant is recommended for maintaining the value and to simplify the cleaning. Our care tip is the SONAX XTREME Wheel Rim Coating

The product is thinly applied and neatly distributed with  Microfibre Cloth – after just one hour drying time a protective coating as hard as glass is formed. Through the binding of organic and inorganic active substances with the wheel rim surface, the product effectively reduces the adhesion of typical dirt types – it effectively repels water, dirt and road salt. This technology is equally suitable for lacquered aluminium and steel rims as well as chromed or polished wheels. The care effect is additionally impressive due to its visible deep shine.

The protective effect is discernible through a durable lotus effect, which can be observed after driving in the rain or a car wash. As a rule, the sealant will easily last for up to five vehicle washes and in most cases many more, especially with manually washing lightly soiled wheels. When heavier soiling requires the deployment of a wheel cleaner, another positive effect becomes apparent: Due to the reduced adhesion of dirt, the cleaner can be used very sparingly.