With windscreen cleaners it’s the cleaning performance that counts

Car Care Tip of the Month Dec 2011

With winter windscreen cleaners pay attention to the cleaning performance! 
Claims of freeze protection at below minus 30°C don’t make any sense!


Some winter windscreen cleaning products are being advertised as giving freeze protection at -60°C, are these products to be recommended?

Well in our opinion these temperature specifications are misleading, for they say nothing about the quality of the products. In our (northern European) latitudes temperatures of -20°C are something of a rarity. Of much greater importance than the highest possible freeze protection is the cleaning performance of a product and, first and foremost, this should optimally function at temperatures around the freezing point – approximately +10°C to -10°C. Because it is especially within this temperature range that the typical dirty winter conditions are to be found on the roads, this is why different mixing ratios are recommended, for they allow motorists to choose the required freeze protection themselves, without any loss of cleaning effect.

Winter windscreen cleaners like SONAX Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate  contain highly effective, cold active, cleaning surfactants which dissolve the typical winter dirt, such as road salt, soot and other road grime in seconds, and remove them without leaving streaks. The windscreen wipers require a minimum of wiper strokes to provide clear vision, which also reduces the consumption of cleaning fluid.

WARNING - Caution should be exercised with cheap products: Not only do they often work badly, they can also cause stress cracks on anti-glare headlights made from plastic!