High Gloss Finish in Every Detail

High Gloss Finish

High Gloss Finish with SONAX XTREME Brilliant Shine Detailer

Many enthusiasts attending car shows finish of their car on arrival with a Detailer Spray, so what are the benefits of such a detailer?

Well, when residual dirt, water stains and dust marr the appearance of an otherwise perfectly maintained car, we recommend the use of SONAX XTREME Brilliant Shine Detailer. Used together with the high quality microfibrecloth, such as our NEW Diamond Weave, such “irritants” can be easily eradicated; it is also gentle on the paintwork and ideal for use “in between”. No water is required simply spray on, wipe off and it's ready – the application is that easy! Deposits which could later damage the paintwork are also immediately eliminated, anytime and anywhere. It also really brings out the richness of colour and the original colour tone. It achieves an outstanding deep shine and a perfect overall impression.

If the Detailer is applied after the car has been washed, the car does not have to be wiped dry, or even be completely dry! The Detailer can be applied immediately after the water has run off, and there is only residual moisture on the paintwork.