Do something good for your paintwork with Hybrid Net Protection Technology

Hybrid Net Protection Technology

Hybrid Net Protection Technology

After the brief but severe winter, during which the car has to put up with a lot of aggressive road salt, moisture and other road grime, the motorist is well advised to treat the car to a good long wash, and to follow that up with a thorough polishing of the paintwork. We are often asked “Which polish is most suitable for the condition of my car’s paintwork, after the winter?”

Answer: Fundamentally, after the winter a polish may have a somewhat higher abrasive content. We recommend the newest generation of paintwork care products, in particular our SONAX XTREME Polish & Wax 3 Hybrid NPTThis is a highly effective polish which can be applied manually, or with polishing machine, to remove weathered paint layers and freshen up dull looking colours. What makes it exceptional are the high-end polishing granules, made from the finest alumina powder, which smoothen out and make invisible the fine scratches made by the carwash, finger nails and other signs of usage.

This newly developed and innovative formula "Hybrid Net Protection Technology" enables one to give paintwork an even more brilliant deep shine, than was previously possible, and to combine this with a remarkable water run-off effect. For chemistry fans - To this end, special organic substances were combined with inorganic components, to form a stable, weathering resistant network, which optimally brings out the paintwork’s colours, and simultaneously conserves it.

Should you wish to do even more for their paintwork, such as attaining even more durable protection and a longer lasting shine, you should follow up with an additional application of a high quality hard wax such as Collinite. One more tip: Getting perfect results requires perfect accessories. We wholeheartedly recommend a Pro Applicator Pad for the intensive paintwork treatment, and a Microfibre XL Towel to remove the polish residue, without leaving streaks.