Brilliant! - Limitless shine


Premium effect for every paintwork condition: the extremely powerful nano-sapphire-based polishing
granules achieve results that, up to now, have only been possible with polishing machines.


At this time of the year, every car that had to put up with road salt, wet conditions and street dirt during winter can do with a thorough paintwork polish after car wash. Like many others, we get asked “Which polish is the best for my car’s paint condition in spring?”

Answer: To reobtain a nice deep shine, the polish may have a slightly higher content of abrasives. The SONAX Premium Class Saphire Power Polish is a true innovation here. It is suitable for the restoration of all paint types and for all paintwork conditions – no matter if heavily weathered or slightly dull. The formula contains high-tech sapphire polishing granules, which have an intensive abrasive effect and thus smooth fine scratches. During polishing, these granules resolve into nano-fine particles producing a perfect glossy finish, which so far has only been possible with polishing machines.

Limitless Shine!

In contrast to conventional polishes that reach their limits quickly, the repeated treatment with the sapphire polish, even when applied manually, clearly and visibly improves the surfaces. Ambitious users therefore treat partial areas several times to achieve the desired perfect surface quality. Additionally, the sheen effect’s long-term resistance has been advanced as well: the gloss lasts much longer than with conventional polishes.

The product comes in a set with practical accessories. One of them is the eye-catching “P-Ball” polishing sponge. Especially developed for this product, it helps apply a well-directed pressure to the paint surface without much effort and achieve an improved paint surface. Also in the set, a microfibre cloth for thorough and smear-free polishing results.

To ensure basic paintwork preservation, the formula contains top-class Carnauba wax. However, an additional intensive sealing with high-quality hard wax is recommended.