Alloy wheel rims: Don’t worry about foul weather!

XTREME FelgenReiniger Plus 

It is best to use an acid free cleaner to clean high quality wheels. 


Nearly all of us have high quality alloy wheel rims on our cars, so how can we keep our alloys clean in this foul weather?

The answer is simple: In principle exactly the same as in summer. But there are several points to observe. First: The wheel cleaner. Not every wheel cleaner is effective, and not every effective wheel cleaner is suitable. Products which contain acid do clean the wheels, but they tend to corrode metal surfaces at the same time. Together with the de-icing salt on the roads, the consequences are, for example, rusted wheel bolts. That’s why only acid free cleaners, such as SONAX XTREME Wheel Cleaner Plus are recommended.

Alloy wheel rims 

Sealed rims are even easier to clean.

And now for the real trick: The sealing! The SONAX Xtreme Wheel Rim Coating NanoPro is an effective, invisible protective coating between wheel and dirt. And thanks to NanoPro Technology, the special nano particles act as the ultimate weapon against persistent contamination.

The application is really simple. Spray the wheel rim sealant onto the clean and dry wheels and distribute – the automatic wheel rim protection is now installed. And although it is unavoidable that the wheels will get dirty, especially in wet weather. Now the cleaning is much easier, quicker and more effective. For the Nano formula in the wheel rim coating makes the moisture droplets simply run off – In this way a fair proportion of the dirt is removed while driving. It is usually sufficient to briefly spray the wheels with a water jet. By the way: The sealant works just the same in summer. That’s why – So don’t worry about weather!