Snow Foam...the basics


The biggest mistake people make when cleaning their car is not carrying out a ‘pre-wash’. The issue with this is that there will be grit, dirt and large particles on the paint surface which have the great potential to scratch the car as soon as you start touching it! Ideally, you want these particles to be removed as much as possible without touching the surface of the paint, and this is where Snow Foam comes in.

A pre-wash utilising Snow Foam is extremely effective as softening these damaging particles, traffic film, bugs and bird droppings before you carry out a hand wash and it works by drawing these away from the paint surface, wheels and any area where Snow Foam is applied. Snow Foam is essential to prevent swirl marks, scratches and any other damage being created from these damaging particles which can easily occur during convential washes without a pre-wash. The key is remove as much dirt as possible without actually touching the paint surface!

Using a specially designed lance with an adapter suited to your pressure washer, a Snow Foam mixture is applied from the top of the vehicle down, paying particular attention to gaps in the panels and anywhere where dirt may be trapped. Specifically designed to soften dirt, unlike car shampoos which can dry out and leave the marks on the surface of the paint and windows, Snow Foam provides a layer of white foam completely covers your vehicle and this is left to work its wonder, usually for approx 10-15 minutes.

The vehicle is then rinsed off with clean water leaving your vehicle with significanlty less grit and damaging particles on the paint surface allowing a hand wash to be safer and thus reducing the risk of inducing swirl marks and scratches.

Once you have given Snow Foam a go, I doubt you will wash your vehicle any other way again!

Points to note when using a Snow Foam Lance:

Snow foam from the boot first and then bottom up or widen the coverage so you cover the whole side in one go (only really possible for smaller cars). The reason for this is that it allows for a longer dwell time as these areas are traditionally the dirtiest. Rinsing is the opposite - top to bottom leaving the boot to last.

  • Do not let the snow foam dry out on the car bodywork
  • Avoid putting the pressure jet too close to the paintwork – about 1 metre should be fine
  • Do not use a high-pressure setting as this could drive dirt into the paint causing scratching
  • Rinse out your snow foam lance by running through with clean water if you are not using it again for a while. This avoids any blocking of the nozzle or pipe work from dried soap and means you are ready to go next time!

 All things considered snow foam is great asset to your wash programme and we consider it an essential part of car care.