Which Wax to choose?

Which Collinite Wax Is Best for You?

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A protective wax or sealant is at the heart of keeping your car looking good. It seals in that shine and slows the damaging effects of grit, contaminants and industrial fallout that gets embedded into our paintwork. It not only helps your car look great but also preserves its value come resale time. It's not surprise then that it's important to use wax and have the right one for our car!

Why Collinite?

Collinite Wax Products are all about researching and developing the highest quality, best performing surface care products available at any price point. We stock Collinite Automotive Waxes because they are Internationally renowned and have over 75yrs of heritage. We have worked with many wax products and we choose Collinite every time. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool, and when you produce a full line of products at the level of performance and quality that Collinite does, that's all you need.

Colour of your paint

The colour of the paint is important because many car waxes are designed for specific hues. There are car waxes made which are coloured and are used specifically for that colour car as they have agents in them to help cover scratches up, e.g if you have a red car, buying the same color wax can offset the scratch.  

Specifically we stock 4 waxes, 840, 845 & 476s - Targeted towards lighter coloured paints (whites, silvers etc) and 915 - Targeted at dark colours (Black, Navy Blue, Reds etc)

What’s the difference between the No. 845 Insulator Wax, No. 476s Super Double Coat and the No. 915 Marque D’ Elegance?

All 3 last step waxes serve the same function: to provide a high gloss carnauba shine and lasting protection. All 3 contain copious amounts of wax-both rare Brazilian carnauba and premium synthetic polymers. However, their degree of durability, ease of use, and warmth of shine vary. Think of it this way;

1. No.476s – most durable protection/weather defense. Most elbow grease required during application.

2. No. 915- 2nd most durable and slightly easier than the 476s to apply/remove. No. 915 lends our warmest shine to dark tones like navy and black due to its highest concentration of rare carnauba.

3. No. 845- easiest of the 3 to apply/remove with slightly less durability than the No. 915.


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Weather Conditions

The weather conditions where you live can determine how often you have to apply wax. UV rays from the sun can damage the paint job. If your vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, it is necessary to get a wax that will allow you to reapply as often as possible. All of the above will allow this, with some easier to apply than others.


For over seventy-five years the name Collinite has been synonymous with quality, value, and durability, that's what Collinite Wax Products has been about since their inception in 1936. They have managed to make some of the most durable waxes to withstand the harshest of environments. The typical highstreet wax will last between 2-8 weeks but Collinite will last between 2-6 months - this is well documented by many on detailing forums and a few simple coats will see your car protected through the harshest of winters!

Car wax can help restore the shine the vehicle once had, however this is not to be confused with a Polish or Glaze! Older vehicles tend to benefit the most from car wax applications.

Applying Wax

Key to applying that wax protection is in the preparation. We highly recommend using a Clay Cloth or Mitt to remove all contaminants once your car has been washed and dried. If your paintwork is dull, a polish or glaze can be applied to rejuvenate any dullness. Once you’re happy the paint is ready, then you can apply your protective wax coat.

Waxes should be 
applied to a clean and uncontaminated surface, so it should be applied immediately after you have prepared the surface. Our prefered method is to apply using a slightly damp high quality, clean, soft foam applicator pad and rather than applying in circular motions, apply in straight lines. We believe this produces a better shine and allows light to reflect back easier to the eye. 

Apply panel at a time and buff off with a clean microfibre cloth or towel - a second or even third coat can be applied!


So, choosing the right wax for your type of paint colour and situation is important to ensure a longer lasting shine and protection. There is much debate of wax products and this is merely our view on the subject.