Best Car Wax Awards 2015

Top 7 Best Car Wax 2015

All That Gleams conducted an independant review on car waxes back in January 2015 and put to print their Top 7 Best Car Waxes. It's worth bearing in mind both the size of pot and cost of these different waxes - you'll be surprised! The following extracts are taken from their review:


As with all waxes, it is worth spending the time to ensure your paint is prepared properly.

A wax can only protect the paint, they can’t remove dirt or scratches so if your paint isn’t looking its best we advise rectifying it first.

This involves a thorough clean, decontamination using a clay cloth and the use of a pre-wax cleaner to ensure the paint is perfectly clean; your hard work will be paid off with better shine and durability!

Once the paint is looking great, choose one of our top 7 best wax for cars to protect your paint and add great shine!

2015 Top 7 Best Car Wax

7. Meguiars 16 Paste Wax

mirror glaze

We Like: Great Value Effective Wax

We Rate: 7/10

We Say: The Meguiars 16 car wax is a great paste wax which is easy to use and offers great results, especially if its your first paste wax. It adds great gloss and lasts for many weeks, if you haven’t used a paste wax before then you will be amazed at how good they can make your paint look.

It is easily applied using either a microfibre pad or foam wax applicator and can be applied to one panel at a time or the whole car.

Once it is cured, lightly buff the excess wax with a quality microfibre towel to reveal a glossy, dirt repellant finish.

Buy Online: Amazon Price £16.99 - 399g Pot

6. Auto Finesse Passion Car Wax

Auto finesse passion 

We Like: Impressive Beading At Impressive Price

We Rate: 8/10

We Say: The Auto Finesse range of car care products made a large impact on the detailing industry with effective products made specifically for the professional detailer.

Even those who aren’t professional detailers will enjoy using their products due to the main benefits of ease of use, quality and effectiveness. In short, great results in little time.

They have a great pre-wax cleaner that will clean & condition your paint prior to the wax application and further improve the gloss and finish.

Once the prep is complete, the waxing is a simple process that will be a pleasure and give satisfying results.

It is fantastic as an entry wax and great to use if it is your first ‘real wax’. It has a great finish at an unbelievable price and worth being one of the top best waxes for cars.

Buy Online: Amazon £46.54 - 281g Pot


5. Dodo Juice Supernatural

Dodo juice supernatural

We Like: Crystal Clear Clarity

We Rate: 8.5/10

We Say: Dodo Juice offer an extensive range of car care products but they initially started with a range of colour-charged waxes. These quickly made an impression in the car care industry for their quality, effectiveness and great value.

Dodo Juice quickly grew and found a need for more products and improved quality. This is where the Supernatural range was developed.

The supernatural range was designed to compliment their original range with a range of premium products known for their purity & effectiveness.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax is one of their best quality car waxes with its pure wax free of colours or any additives, all done to produce their longest lasting, highest gloss wax yet. As with all high carnauba content car wax, it gets a little harder to use but this Supernatural wax makes it very easy to apply and even if left to cure for extended periods of time, will remove effortlessly.

Buy Online: Amazon £53.50 - 200ml


4. Autoglym HD Wax

Autoglym HD Wax

We Like: Lasting Shine, Complimented Product Range

We Rate: 8.8/10

We Say: Autoglym has been around for many years, and things don’t stay around that long for no reason. The whole range of Autoglym products are designed to give results efficiently and reliably and our experience delivering professional valeting services we can vouch for that. However, they have always lacked a premium range and never had a paste wax, until now. Some people were sceptical once released, but the results gave the product a good name very quickly.

It comes in a very well packaged box, complete with a microfibre towel and two wax applicators. The applicators are made of very soft sponge which when wet, allows very easy application of the Autoglym HD wax. Several minutes later, the wax is removed with ease and leaves a very glossy, warm & radiant glow. It further sets itself apart by, unlike most other waxes, retains its shine and good looks for weeks.

It obviously recommends using their own shampoo to keep it looking its best, and we kind of agree, but Auto Finesse Lather does a slightly better job and as it is a pure shampoo it won’t hamper the results of the HD wax in the slightest and is also completely safe for wax and sealants so it won’t degrade it in anyway and you can reap the benefits of its durability.

It suits most colours and can obviously be used on any paint, but try this on a black, red, yellow or blue colour car and you will find the shine hard to walk away from!

Buy Online: Amazon £39.95 - 150g Pot


3. Collinite 915 Marque D Elegance



We Like: Premium Car Wax, Amazing Value

We Rate: 9/10

We Say: Just like its older brother, 476S, Collinite have made another fantastic car wax, one of the best car waxes you will find between a broad price range. It will stand up against the more expensive and fancier waxes from Switzerland, it will outlast & will outshine big name brands and all for less than any of the competitors.

It is very similar to Collinite 476S but with a subtle, very important change..more Carnauba. Carnauba wax is one of the hardest, glossiest natural substances found in the car care industry, simply used for its durability and impressive water-shedding properties.

However, rather than shedding water from a plant, put the Carnauba on a car and you get incredible shine that lasts for ages. And Collinite 915 Marque D Elegance is one of the best car waxes for displaying the benefits of a quality Carnauba Wax.

Just like 476S it is applied very easily and any quality wax applicator will allow a thin, even film that is buffed off with minimal effort with a microfibre towel.

The application of another coat of Collinite 915, just like any other wax, is highly recommended to ensure total coverage but also to amplify the shine and increase the protective benefits. This will make your car shine like no other and is well worth the money! Get one today to make your car stand out!

Buy Online: Amazon £28.99 - 499g Pot (The Clay Cloth Company £35.63 Inc Free Clay Mitt (RRP £12.85) - 499g Pot)


2. Collinite 476s Car Wax


We Like: Unbeatable Value & Durability

We Rate: 9/10

We Say: Collinite is renowned world-wide for their waxes and it is easy to why when you use it for the first time. The wax itself doesn’t have a great fruity smell like most of the others in this top 7 best car wax list, but makes up for it with the performance of a world-class wax. The wax itself spreads very easily and with a damp sponge, or microfibre applicator, is very economical in use.

Even if you disregard the price and bought it at 3x the current cost (around £20) it would still be an incredible wax and good value for money. However, the main benefit of all collinite waxes are their durability.

This wax will pay off your hard work come rain or shine, with fantastic gloss or beautifully tight water droplets, which just roll of the paint..and keep on rolling off the paint for weeks. A lot of other waxes can bead like this Collinite 476S but not many can match its durability and relentless protection.

Maintaining the shine is a simple process, just wash the waxed paintwork with quality wash tools, dry with a microfibre towel and you are done. If you feel like you can’t leave it alone then using a quick detailer, like Auto Finesse Finale which contains Carnauba, will help lift the shine and prolong its life for many weeks, if not months, more.

Highly recommended and a great wax for all cars, colours and ages.

Buy Online: Amazon £26.99 - 499g Pot (The Clay Cloth Company £21.73 Inc Free Microfibre Cloth (RRP £1.50) - 499g Pot)


1. Auto Finesse Spirit

Auto finesse spirit

We Like: Incredible Shine, Beading & Smell!

We Rate: 9.5/10

We Say: Now for our winner, the best wax for your car; Auto Finesse Spirit.

We use Auto Finesse Spirit on nearly all our professional valeting and detailing services for its easy use but equally easy to obtain shine. We only use products that we can rely on and Auto Finesse Spirit gives us peace of mind as we know that after applying this to a customers car they will be left with a high gloss shine that repels dirt and water with ease for weeks.

This wax is great on its own but if used after an application of Auto Finesse Tripple car polish, it will take the shine to an even higher level and make your paint really stand out.

We have always got great results on nearly all colours but love the finish it gives on metallic greys, warm colours, dark colours and even silvers. It leaves a finish that is sharp, glossy & evidently gives a wet look finish.

You can apply this car wax one panel at a time or to larger sections before buffing, but from experience it is best to apply to just one panel before lightly buffing to a high gloss, smear-free finish only a few minutes later.

Simply wash with their shampoo and top up with their quick detailer for stress-free showroom shine.

Your car will shine like never before, try it today and let us know what you think!

Buy Online: Amazon £89.95 - 281g Pot