Buffing Pads

11292812_10207422680191784_1328254165_n Buffing Pads Large

We are very excited about these because these are MASSIVE! 8.5" (215mm).

CCC Buffing pads are professionally designed for the restoration on all painted surfaces. They are high quality, superior tensile polyurethane strength, making them more durable, resulting in much longer life span than ordinary sponges.

They are constructed to allow easy wash and maintenance with just warm water and a little detergent (below 60 degrees) and wrung out by hand, or allowed to air dry and not used again until fully dry.


They're MASSIVE! 8.5" (215mm)
Higher flexibility combined with excellent stability
Create high gloss finish without spiralling
Effective polishing removes the light defects on the paint, thus recovering that original high gloss factory finish
Foam structure design enhances air flow allowing better heat dissipation
Suitable for all paint finishes
Suitable for compounds, glazes, polishes and waxes
Environmentally safe
Velcro backing allowing for easy fitting and equally quick change over
Raised top to ensure safer polishing with backing plate fitting so as to not touch the paint surface

Benefits of CCC Foam Pads

These are 'American Style' so are 8.5” (215mm). They are 'massive' and Very Hard to acquire on UK Mainland.
Allowing larger surface area coverage than standard foam pads, allowing for faster more efficient detailing 
Extends the life and value of your car by providing a superior shine and gloss.
Fully tested
Excellent Customer Service Support with numerous reviews of our products.
Global Customer Base.

We will be doing various colours, namely:

Red – Cutting
Yellow – Polishing
Black - Finishing

For use with Rotary Machine with a 14mm Standard Fit.

The Full Set including Backing Plate and Centring Pin (as you see in the picture) will retail for an Introductory Offer of JUST £25.00! We will provide these individually as well.

This is a superb deal yet again and to all those who own a Rotary Machine, your job got a whole lot easier and quicker!