Clay Disc Review - Damian Lomas

Damien @ 3D Detail
[email protected] 

Review is a 2000 VW Golf Estate
Machine polisher is a Meguiars G220 polisher

Hi there. 

Many thanks for the opportunity to try your product. The following will be as technical review as i feel i can give.
Our subject vehicle was our own 2000 VW Golf estate. 
Using a cool shaded panel to begin (bonnet for this test) after washing and drying the panel was sprayed lightly with a quick detailer/spray wax lubricant. A small amount was also added to the pad for its first pass. Our DA polisher was our tried and tested Meguairs G220 on its lowest setting (as instructed).
Using only the weight of the machine as pressure and working length ways across the panel, followed by top to bottom we gave 2 full passes. The most surprising thing of all was the lack of need for too much lubricant, and the pads ability to work with what was already applied. We had thought a clay material at speed would ''burn off'' a lubricant fairly quickly but with the help of a cool shaded panel this was simply not the case.
The resulting feel of the panel was clean, smooth with ZERO marring or residue left behind. At no point did the pad catch or skip on the panel nor did it leave and buffer trails or add any marks to the process.
Over all a well though out and nicely constructed product which combined with clay towels and mitts signals the end of clay bars as we have previously known them.