Clay Disc Review - Ron Buot

Detailer from Poole
[email protected]
Instagram - @valetnova

Thank you @theclayclothcompany for my clay preparation disc.

As a clay mitt user, I was intrigued to try this method also as it uses the same type of material to emulate the claybar decontamination method.

The pad is very high quality and is quoted to perform on roughly 25 average size vehicles before needing replacing.

I washed the car as usual, then after rinse I used a fresh wash pad to distribute plenty of shampoo over the surface I was about to clay. I primed the pad first on a glass surface.

Then I went to the bonnet. I used the same back and forth motions as you would doing a correction procedure ensuring coverage was met. The pad was very smooth over the surface and requires no pressure to do it's job. After the whole area was clayed I simply rinsed off and felt for smoothness on the surface. It seemed a success and once the car was dried, there was no evidence of marring.

In terms of recommendations, I would rate this product for the professional user as you aren't able to audibly recognise the decontamination process as you would a clay mitt or clay bar. A welcome addition to my arsenal!