Clay Disc Review - Ashley Brown

Detailer from Sheffield
[email protected]
Instagram - @astra.ash
Review of 2 vehicles - 1 red and badly faded, 1 stood unwashed for at least a year
Hi,  here is my review of the clay preparation disc in use on 2 different vehicles, one of these vehicles has been stood unwashed for at least a year, so as you can imagine the paintwork was rough with a lot of contamination. The other vehicles paintwork (red) has faded over the years and also had a lot of contamination due to not being clayed previously.
The silver vehicles paintwork was rough to the touch, so after a good 5 minutes with the clay disc, DA polisher set to speed 1 and a bottle of clay lube the paintwork was back to feeling smooth and removed the contaminants completely.
The red vehicle's paintwork has faded over the years & during that time collected a lot of contaminants due to never being protected previously. So after 10 minutes with the clay disc the paintwork was back to feeling smooth to the touch, and to my surprise actually brought back some of the shine to the paintwork, which was a great surprise.
The Disc itself could do with being a little bit more flexible, However it is easy to use, more convenient than a clay bar and saves a lot of time. The disc dries out pretty quick so just have to make sure its constantly lubricated. No pressure required on the polisher either the disc does all the work. Plus the disc hardly wore down so can be used over and over.
All in all a great product and a pleasure to test, at the right price i would definitely purchase these over a clay bar. 
5 star product and a good addition to any detailers collection.
Thank you for giving us the pleasure to test an upcoming great product and i hope this review has been helpful. 
Kind Regards, Ashley.