Clay Disc Review - Mark Evison
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Review is a 2010 Vauxhall Insignia in olympic White
Machine polisher is a Meguiars G220v2 polisher
Hiya this is my review. I have done it as a Step by Step guide like a how 2. I've provided a few pics as well. Cheers, Mark
This is going through a step by step panel by panel process. Ive included as many pics is i thought was needed. I will say im very impressed with the way it has left my car shine as well. 

So Pics 1 and 2 this is the pad itself. 

It has velcro backing so you can attached it to your normal polishing disc and use just like your normal pads. 
Pic 3
This pad fits perfect on to a 6" backing plate as shown in pics 4,5
Make sure than the pad is lined up correctly with the backing plate otherwise you may scratch your car with just the backing plate touching the car. 
pic 6
Preparation is key to get this right. Ive filed up a bucket of car shampoo and also a spray bottle to create lube for when the polisher is on the car. This is just filled with water. Pics 7 and 8
This is where it gets interesting pics 9-16 are where the cars at now. Its dirty theres tar on the car and needs a good clean. 
Pic 17 is where i have removed some of the dirt leaving a clear shot of the tar thats still stuck to the car
Pics 18 and 19 ive started by washing down the rear quarter panel and drying off using a microfibre cloth 
Pic 20 running your hand across the paint you can feel small particles still stuck to the car
Pic 21 with your clay disc already attached to your polisher set your polisher to setting 1 as per manufacture recommendation
Pic 22 and 23 prime your pad with the water from the spray bottle otherwise the pad may stick to your car and make a mess. Always make sure there is plenty of lube/water on the pad as well as on the car so the pad doesnt stick
Pic 24 place your pad flat on your paint work and turn the polisher on. Use a side to side motion just like you would polishing. Ive used a overlapping pattern and done 10 passes each time like you would again when polishing.
Pic 25 and 26 Once you have finished that panel you will need to dry of the panel. Use a microfiber for this.
Pic 27 now run your hand over the same panel and you can now feel the difference and the panel is a smooth as glass
Pic 28, 29, 30 You can also see the difference as well as there is now a reflection on the paintwork and its nice and clean. 
Pic 31 as you can see the disc is still intact and hasn't broken down
Pics 32-39 are reflection shots after the side of the car has been done using the same pad and technique 
Pic 40 another shot of the pad after all the car was completed. No breakdown and there is no need to put this in the washing machine as it isnt dirty.
I believe these are better than a clay bar. If you have the time to use these correctly i would highly recommend you get one of these. They leave a much higher shine than a normal clay bar or mitt and i do believe you could miss out the polishing stage and go straight to a wax after using this product. If you dont have the time and you simply want to clay the car quickly i would recommend you stick with a mitt.
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