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We've compiled a list of questions we're most commonly asked by our customers, and published them along with our answers. We hope this will help to answer some of the questions you might have.

What's the difference between a Clay Cloth & Clay Bar?
The traditional Clay Bar lends itself to a slow laborious task of cleaning the car from bonded contaminants from the surface of exterior. Our Clay Cloth supersedes this allowing for a simple, fast, and effective process and finish. The Cloth has the addition of a microfibre backing which can be used for pre-cleaning, buffing or polishing; this is a multi purpose product.

How long do your Clay Cloths last?
During our testing period on various, unique vehicles, we saw the cloth last on average 60+ uses. If you used this cloth a recommended once every other month, this would give you significant usage. 

What are they made out of?
Our Clay Cloths have the latest Rubber Polymer Technology bonded to a 30cm x 30cm microfibre towel.

How hard do I have to rub to clean the paintwork?
You do not have to rub very hard to see results from our cloth. Ensuring plenty of lubricant is on the surface will allow the cloth to glide effortlessly; you will feel when the surface is clean.

How do I clean and store the Clay Cloth?
Simply rinse in clean, warm water. Do not ring the cloth out like a conventional cloth as it may damage the Rubber Polymer layer. Do not leave to dry with the Rubber Polymer Surface in contact with itself as it will stick together. Allowing to air dry is the optimum way.

Can I use these on a hot day?
It is recommended that these cloths are not used on surfaces that exceed 145⁰F/62⁰C. If the surface you are using this cloth on is very hot, cool down with cold water first.

Do I have to do anything to the cloth before I use it?
Yes - Pre-soak the cloth in warm water and Car Shampoo prior to use.

What is best for wheel protection, wax or sealer?

Always start off with a clean surface by using CCC Devil's Mist Fallout Remover. Follow this with KILLERWAXX KWS Sealant for long term protection and maintain with wax such as TENZI Spray Wax or KILLERWAXX Carnauba Paste Wax.

Is KILLERWAXX Carnauba Paste Wax or KILLERWAXX Northern Lights Hard Paste Wax okay to put on satin paint work?

No, we would not recommend a paste wax on a satin finish as this would impart a degree of gloss build up. Our recommendation would be KILLERWAXX KW-7 Detail Spray which is formulated for the satin, matte and flat finishes as well as vinyl wraps and graphics.

What do you recommend for restoring paintwork?

First assess the paintworks condition and to do this you need a contaminate free surface.

First, apply a snow foam such as CCC's Snowstorm or KW FoamZillla or shampoo with CCC's Ocean Jade High Foaming Vehicle Shampoo and rinse off thoroughly. Use CCC's CCC Tar, Glue & Bitumen Remover if necessary.

Using Ocean Jade Vehicle Shampoo or TENZI Clay Spray as a lubricant use CCC's Clay Cloth or Clay Mitt to remove contaminants and thoroughly clean the surface. Rinse off thoroughly and dry with a Microfibre Drying Towel such as the 'Big Orange' or 'Big Blue'.

Assess the paintwork condition with reference to the Detailing Flowchart which is available on our website. Correct paint defects and oxidisation using KW Compounds 1, 2 and 3, KW Moonshine or KW Love Potion No.10 as necessary.

Finally apply KW Paint Sealant and/or KW Purple Glaze followed by KW Extremely Wet Colour Enhancer and top off with one of the KILLERWAXX cream or paste waxes.

Maintain the finish after each wash with CCC's Detailing Spray Waterless Valet or one of the KILLERWAXX or TENZI Detailing Sprays.

What can I use to waterproofing and maintain my convertible's soft top?

TENZI Cabrio Protection is an impregnation solution which forms an invisible ultra thin layer. it produces a water and oil repellent surface and helps prevent discolouration. Additionally, it will limit the effects of UV rays to prevent fading.

What do you recommend for cleaning the engine compartment?

Using old microfibre cloths or rags and a brush for the awkward bits, wash down with CCC's Citrus Pro Pre-Wash Concentrate diluted as recommended, rinse off and dry. Alternatively, you could use KILLERWAXX OOOZE which is another excellent extra heavy duty multipurpose cleaner.

What is the best wax for a black car?

KILLERWAXX Blue Dream is specifically designed for darker coloured cars. KW Northern Lights are also a good wax for any colour.

Is there any way to dry my car quicker?

First use a good quality drying towel. CCC's 'Big Orange' or 'Big Blue' Microfibre Drying Towels are ideal for the job and super absorbent.

Also use a drying aid. Drying Aids work by making the surface of the vehicle Hydrophobic. When applied to the wet vehicle surface any water on that surface will try to run off. In consequence there is less water to be removed in the towelling off process. (See the Detailing Guides on our website).

What is the best way to remove tree sap?

As with any 'sticky' deposit or contamination, do not be tempted to pick it off with your finger nail or rub it off with shampoo and a cloth. The contamination may well have fine particles of grit in it or on it and removing in this way may well end up with marring of the paintwork.

We recommend spraying the affected area with CCC's Tar, Glue & Bitumen Remover, leaving it for a few minutes to dissolve the deposits and then wiping off gently with a microfibre cloth. Check the area and if any contamination remains, repeat the process.

Rinse off, dry with a microfibre cloth and reapply your glaze, colour enhancer and wax after treatment.


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