Creating a User Account

What are the benefits of creating a User Account? Read on to find out!

We have been busy behind the scenes recently improving the look of the Accounts Area for you our customers.

The result is a much cleaner and more user-friendly personal portal offering you the opportunity to create an account that stores your address details and keeps track of your order updates. The new features allow the process of checking out quick and simple; two qualities that are absolutely crucial to the customer’s buying experience. 

Take a look at what’s new down below:

With an account, you will find it much easier to manage your details and will be presented with a newly designed account screen with easy access to the sections you need.

The four main sections of your account are prominently divided to make them easily accessible on the page, however, the side menu grants easy access to any area of the account you want to access regardless of where you are.  

A new and improved order history section is now available to you and this new layout makes it easier than ever to see any orders you have along with the status of that order. (Note I have not purchased anything from my own business so no orders are showing in this screenshot).

You can click your order and you will be shown a detailed view of everything you need to know about your purchase. It details the order number, status of payment and the method used, address details, order totals and even images of each of the items you’ve ordered.

This makes it straightforward for you to clarify or double-check any queries you may have regarding your order without needing to look back through your.

Mobile friendly.

Your account section will look just as good on your mobile or tablet as it does on desktop. No matter what device you use to access your account from, it’ll be user-friendly and stunning at the same time. The new Accounts Area brings a fresh perspective to a huge amount of functionality.


With various addresses you may wish to choose from to have your products delivered to, you can simply add these to your address book and when you come to the checkout area, the first option you are present with will be your Delivery Details. Here you can choose from existing addresses easily and quickly from those in your address book, and upon selection, the Delivery Form will automatically populate.

Now, Checkout should be a mere few clicks to complete the process.

We hope the new Accounts Area will facilitate a more user-friendly experience and give you back some precious time instead of spending it filling forms in!

*Note - You may need to clear your Cache for this feature to appear